Week 6: Back up and Running Again

I’m running in my first post-baby “race”/event this weekend. A friend asked me to be the 5th person on her Colfax Marathon relay team so I jumped at the chance. Plus, it is a fundraiser for the nonprofit Cooking Matters I used to work for so why not. I knew if I signed up for a race myself I would want to do well since I can’t help but be competitive, but fortunately my team this weekend is just out to have fun. Whew! Right now I run pushing Stella in a stroller with our puppy Tazzie either dragging me or being dragged depending on her mood, so I have low expectations for this run but am excited to finally be running solo! So my pre race meal Sunday doesn’t really matter and certainly won’t be your typical carb loading pasta and bread combo, but more likely salmon, veggies and pasta with pesto. Nice, healthy and balanced to be followed post race by burgers and a root beer float! Yes please. I like to more than make up for any excess calories burned and take my eating very seriously. So wish me luck and think fast thoughts for me Sunday morning! Menu Plan & Grocery List

week 6 grocery list

Monday: Curried Chicken Salad (from Raising the Salad Bar) Wraps with Spinach Salad

  • Travis grills 1 lb of boneless skinless chicken breast and shreds it with a fork. I let it cool while I prepare the rest of the salad, but don’t bother with chilling it completely. That takes way too much foresight!
  • For the salad I use whatever is available in the store at this time of year and substitute the rest. Celery and apples are always available but if grapes aren’t I use raisins, golden raisins, dried cherries or some combo.
  • I use chives when I have them in the garden as I do now, but don’t bother buying them since scallions seem to do the trick on their own.
  • When in doubt, add more curry powder if you think it is lacking in flavor.
  • I usually increase the mayo to make more of a sauce with 2 Tbsp mayo and 2 Tbsp sour cream since I don’t love the flavor of mayo but appreciate its purpose in a chicken salad.
  • I serve it wrapped up in a tortilla, or more accurately on a tortilla that is too full to be wrapped, with a spinach salad on the side. Burrito/wrap rolling is not a skill I learned growing up in Vermont.

Tuesday: Vegetarian Thai Red Curry with Brown Rice

  • I liked the sounds of this curry, but eating it was a little less than special. It just didn’t wow. So I’ve made some suggestions and changes that I think will make it much better.
  • I used sweet potatoes as the recipe called for but would suggest yams, as their pictures shows since I think they are richer in flavor and would go better with the dish.
  • Instead of water, I would just use another can of coconut milk. Water does nothing for the dish.
  • I used a jalapeno instead of cayenne or bird chiles since I am a wimp, but it could have used more heat.
  • And when in doubt, add more curry paste to get the flavors going if it falls flat.
  • Optional: Add extra firm tofu and brown it in the pan first, remove, and continue recipe.

Wednesday: Tuna & Bok Choy Packets

  • This is a pretty straight forward easy meal. The only change I made is to add more bok choy in each packet since I love my veggies.

Thursday: Sopa Seca with Black Beans (from Cooks Illustrated) and Green Salad

  • We usually do this recipe with whole wheat thin spaghetti, which is as close to vermicelli as we can get. To make up for the longer cooking time I add another 1 ½ cups of water and increase the cooking time with foil by 10 minutes.
  • And as always, I would recommend more cheese!

Friday: Steak & Potato Salad with Horseradish Dressing

  • I love this salad and enjoy it cold as leftovers the next day too, which is unusual since I don’t usually like red meat leftover.
  • To save time and dishes I usually steam the potatoes and green beans in the microwave. Potatoes cut in half for ~6-7 minutes and green beans for 2-3 depending on how tender the beans are.
  • I doubled the dressing with the exception of the horseradish.
  • When Travis grills the corn he cuts off the tips and tails and removes the outer layers of dried husk before grilling the corn. We may just do it at too high of a temperature but I find it gets burned and dried out without any husk on.

3 thoughts on “Week 6: Back up and Running Again

  1. Love your little comments, and appreciate your including the less than successful recipes. Have fun tomorrow. Thought of you and Travis as I was cycling past the Dad Vail Regatta today.


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