Week 16: Hot and Spicy Radishes

I think Travis and I both added at least one extra year onto our lives this week with the amount of leafy greens we ate. Whew! I am not one to shy away from too many vegetables but even least week tipped me over the edge. Incase you haven’t figured out yet, I make a week’s worth of meals and then post them the following week so I can make sure to note my tweaks, hits and flops. So this week will be your week of leafy greens! Substitutions are always welcome, and probably encouraged at this point, and I didn’t even include the 2 bunches of beet greens we (mostly myself) ate as well. But you get what you get with a CSA and that is part of the reason I like it. It gets us out of our food ruts and forces me out of my comfort zone week after week. This next week I have to figure out what to do with Hakurei turnips (google it, I did). They look like large white radishes, another food we’ve gotten quite a bit of recently. I grew up eating radishes and have always loved them with dips, in salads or the French way with butter and salt (yum!). We have gotten two bunches so far this season that I can barely eat they are so incredibly spicy. They ruin my taste buds for a good five minutes. It’s more of a wasabi burn that hits you 30 seconds into the radish. But being so totally against wasting beautiful local produce grown just for me, I have been trying to persevere. This week I finally came to the conclusion that food should not make you suffer this much so unless I can come up with a new home for them or a better purpose, they will meet their maker in the trash…so either next week you will see an exciting new radish recipe or you can assume the worst. And let me know if you have any magical radish de-spicing tricks please! Meal Plan & Grocery List

week 16

Monday: Tex-Mex Black Bean & Quinoa Bowl with Green Salad

  • This is neither “Tex”nor “Mex” and most would probably be offended to hear it called Tex-Mex, but these are a bunch of Vermonters we are talking about here. Nonetheless, it is a good, quick dinner that we both happily ate.
  • I cooked the cabbage with the other veggies since Travis isn’t wild about raw green cabbage and then mixed everything together into one big salad with avocado and sour cream as garnishes.
  • I almost completely forewent the “Tex-Mex” theme and put feta cheese in and dressed it with my own dressing instead, but I’m always game to try something once.

Tuesday: Curried Pork Chops with Kale & Apple Sauté

  • We did a non-oven version of this Curried Pork Chop. Travis just rubbed the pork chops with curry powder, oil, salt and pepper like the recipe called for and grilled it instead.
  • I sautéed onion and apple with kale and added some curry powder towards the end and served it alongside the pork. A very flavorful combo.

Wednesday: Farmhouse Pasta with Chard & Chicken Sausage

  • We got two HUGE bunches of chard last week with our CSA and this was an excellent way to use it all up without any trouble. I did end up adding the chard leaves to the stems to steam them down since I didn’t think they would have fit in the pasta pot.

Thursday: Chicken Salad with Fruit Wraps (Raising the Salad Bar) with Beet & Goat Cheese Green Salad

  • I like having a few different chicken salad recipes up my sleeve and my two favorites both come from the same cookbook, Raising the Salad Bar. This is the non-curried version.
  • We grilled the chicken ahead of time with the pork chops and shredded it once it was cool enough to handle.
  • I always improvise when adding things to a chicken salad and use whatever I have on hand like dried fruit, herbs, cantaloupe, etc.
  • For the dressing I do half sour cream, half mayo but I think that is my aversion to mayonnaise talking. I am sure their dressing is just fine.
  • Beets are one of my absolute favorites and there are few combinations that make me happier than beets and goat cheese. Yum!

Friday: Fish & Summer Veggie Packets with Whole Wheat Couscous

  • We pretty much stopped eating tilapia after listening to a Fresh Air interview a few years ago about “the great fish swap” in which we send all of our good fish away and get dubious quality fish from China in return. I can’t even remember the specifics but clearly something stuck with me. So instead of using tilapia we used mahi mahi instead. A different white fish.
  • I skipped the green beans this time since we had lots of zucchini and squash but just about anything would work.
  • The fish and veggies create some nice juices from cooking in a packet which is nice when served on couscous.

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