Week 30: I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hangry

img_3876Hangriness is very real. It’s genetic from my dad’s side afflicting my dad, brother and me with varying degrees of hangriness. Another food related wedding vow Travis promised me was to carry snacks for me wherever we go, very much a self-preservation thing. Travis and I spent 6-months traveling together before we got married, a good test for a lot of reasons, but it was on that trip that I somehow figured out that melting down when hungry was not helpful. Like at all. If I held it together things worked out a lot faster and better in the end. A crazy revelation really and one that some others in my family have yet to learn. Once Stella was born I really learned that my hunger played second fiddle to hers and that I needed to get while the getting was good. Eat while she sleeps and if not I would just have to deal. Her screaming could far outweigh my grumbling stomach. So I started stashing trail mix and Lara Bars in her nursery and around the house for middle of the night and early morning feedings. I now always keep my favorite oatmeal-raisin (chocolate chip, yum!) buttermilk muffins in the freezer for a quick refuel and have just this last week become a fan of the pumpkin-oat-peanut butter energy balls that are so easy to make and the perfect mouthful (or two) of fuel. Fueling up well and often is the key to both of our happiness. Bring enough healthy snacks everywhere we go to keep little Miss Stella Mabel happy and well-fedand will be my new challenge in life! Meal Plan & Grocery List

Monday: Smoky Stuffed Peppers with Sautéed Chard

  • I ended up using a combo of leftover grains I had from previous meals which made the dish even quicker.
  • Because I used an already cooked grain I didn’t have to use much chicken stock, just a little to rehydrate the grains and get everything nice and soft.
  • I love the smoky cheese on top of this. It’s an excellent touch.

Tuesday: Red Kuri Mac Cheese with Green Salad

  • I had never tried red kuri squash until we got it last year with our CSA and made this recipe. It is a very flavorful squash, my new favorite, and another that you don’t have to peel which cuts down on prep time. And this dish is amazing!! Make extras and freeze it.
  • I think the whole wheat pasta is a good fit for this kind of dish for those of you who are hesitant to try it or use it on a daily basis. It adds a heartiness and nuttiness that works well with the rich cheese sauce.

Wednesday: Skillet Apple Chicken with Kale Salad and Quinoa

  • Another very fall themed dish that was quick and easy. And I actually followed the recipe!
  • I added dried cherries and nuts to our kale salad and used a balsamic, lemon juice, Dijon and extra virgin olive oil combo for the dressing to go with the flavors in the chicken dish.

Thursday: Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili with Corn Bread

  • I used two sweet potatoes instead of one but otherwise followed the recipe.
  • The chili goes well with cornbread which I usually make myself with a little white whole-wheat flour substituted in. Cornmeal is usually degerminated, meaning not a whole grain, though there are some mixes you can buy that use whole corn but it will still have sugar. Just an FYI to the Mamas on a Mission.

Friday: Fish with Coconut-Shallot Sauce, Brown Rice and Green Salad

  • There are some dishes with a coconut milk sauce that are kind of bland. They may sounds super good on paper but don’t quite excite in reality. This recipe sounds kind of bland on paper but is truly delicious. Probably because there is enough salt unlike a lot of healthy dishes, but this a super easy fish dish is surprisingly tasty. Just follow the recipe and serve it with a grain that can soak up all the good sauce.

Snack: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Energy Balls 

  • One of my mom friends posted this recipe last week. I’ve been popping them ever since and though I think I will make some tweaks next time, because why follow the recipe more than once, they are so easy and add new variety to my on-the-go snacks.
  • I did use less honey and think I could sub in more peanut butter to compensate and add more stickiness.

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