Week 38: Rinse and Repeat


Stella stretching her legs in Steamboat

This is the first week, that I know of, in which I’ve repeated recipes on my blog. It happens in real life so it is happening here too. I love finding new recipes and trying new ideas but some weeks that just doesn’t work. We headed out of town this week to meet my parents in Steamboat for a long weekend. Tons of snow, a visit with the grandparents for Stella, and lots of fun outdoor time makes for the perfect winter getaway for this family! Since it is much easier to eat in after a day out in the snow with a 16-month old we planned ahead and brought some easy meals. Travis and I try to get up to the mountains a few times a year and have some tried and true recipes that seem to work well in a new kitchen and assume only the basic pots and pans. In the summer we usually grill, but since Steamboat is buried under feet of snow right now I had to be a little more creative. Unlike our usual menu, I try to plan meals with minimal ingredients and limited fresh ingredients so we can fit everything in one cooler. Spending time at an unfamiliar grocery store on vacation is not my idea of fun so I try to bring up everything we need for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tortilla soup is one of our favorite portable recipes along with a pasta, pesto and veggie combo and both are excellent for lunch leftovers. Vacationing with kids is a whole different game, but by making the food piece as easy as possible it helps make a long weekend getaway feel a little less like everyday life and maybe just a tiny bit more relaxing. That’s the goal at least! Meal Plan & Grocery List

Monday: Crock-Pot Green Chili Enchilada Soup with Green Salad

  • This recipe is a perfect winter meal and my kind of low-effort dinner.
  • I dumped the chicken into the crock-pot raw with all the other ingredients in step one and took it out to shred before adding the rice. No need to make extra work for yourself by cooking it first when that is what a crock-pot is for!
  • I added 1 ¼ cups of regular (not instant) rice to thicken the soup and stretch out the meal.
  • I served it with corn tortillas that we tore up and tossed into our bowls along with some cilantro.

Tuesday: Pasta with Pesto, Sautéed Zucchini & Onions and Salmon

  • This is a classic travel meal for us. I always have tons of pesto in the freezer and just about every VRBO has a pan to sauté zucchini and onions in and a pot to boil some pasta.
  • The salmon is flexible and can be grilled or baked. We also do chicken sausage if salmon doesn’t work with where we are staying. But always a very easy meal with great leftovers for lunch.

Wednesday: Mustard-Maple Pork Tenderloin with Brown Rice and Veggie

  • Give or take a few ingredients or steps depending on your kitchen, this is another pretty simple dish to make away from home. Served with a grain and veggie on the side it is a well rounded meal.

Thursday: Sheet Pan Sweet Potato & Black Bean Hash with Eggs

  • This is a new dish for us but doesn’t require much work and the veggies are flexible.
  • I would either slice the zucchini thinner or cut them in half and then slice them. They didn’t quite cook as well as the other veggies and since we used zucchini earlier in the week I used yellow squash here instead.

Friday: Tortilla Soup

  • This is another super easy travel meal since it involves very little cooking and a lot of opening of cans. We either buy a rotisserie chicken once we get there or grill chicken in advance and bring it along pre-shredded.
  • Garnishes like avocado, sour cream, cilantro, tortilla chips, lime and shredded cheese are excellent additions.
  • The key is to make it early enough to eat the leftovers or bring a Tupperware and take it home for and easy dinner the night we get home.

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