Week 40: Titus Tuna


This looks like a club I need to join

I believe I’ve shared my feelings on mayonnaise before but I will reiterate it since it won’t take long. I do not enjoy it. It offends me deeply on sandwiches, I am a mustard only gal like my dad, though I can tolerate it in modest quantities in a tuna, chicken or waldorf salad if it is mixed with equal (or greater) parts sour cream. One food “issue” Travis and I have and will not resolve is our difference on tuna salad. Last weekend we had nothing for lunch so we both cracked open a can of tuna. I add a dash of mayo, lemon juice, carrots, celery, cucumber and some ground pepper to make my tuna salad before piling it on a slice of bread with my homemade bread and butter pickles. This is how my mom made our tuna sandwiches growing up so it is of course what I do. Travis makes what is called Titus Tuna, a very different animal. It has nearly as much mayo as it does tuna along with a splash of Worcestershire sauce, sweet relish and ground pepper. If he was making true Titus Tuna he would also hard-boil an egg or two, dice them up and add them to the salad. This is the second strike for Titus Tuna in my book. I grew up in a house where eggs were rarely cooked because my mom can hardly stand the smell. I have overcome most of that part of my upbringing with the exception of hard boiled eggs. I think they smell so foul while cooking and being prepared not to mention the actual eating of them. I am ever so grateful that Travis doesn’t have the time or foresight to make hardboiled eggs for his Titus Tuna. It truly is a game changer. So we each make our own tuna salad sandwiches for lunch, and thanks to the hardboiled egg omission, enjoy eating them together. Now Stella of course has a big decision to make in life, no pressure of course. On Monday I gave her her usual mix of things for lunch along with a tiny, tiny bowl of Titus Tuna. She nibbled away at a muffin and a few other things before discovering her tuna and boy was she a fan. I gave her 3rds, it was a tiny bowl after all, which she went nuts dipping her muffin in and eating with her applesauce and yogurt (disgusting, I know). She loved it. I was of course thrilled that she actually ate anything. It could have been a bowl of mayonnaise itself and I probably still would have been happy that she ate something. Someday when vegetables come back into vogue with the little lady she might like my tuna more, but I am very happy making my tuna for myself so long as we can keep hard boiled eggs out of our house. Meal Plan & Grocery List

Monday: Spaghetti with Quick Meat Sauce and Salad

  • This can easily be done with or without meat. To me a meal of pasta and homemade spaghetti sauce is classic comfort food. Ideally this would be “Grandma’s Spaghetti Sauce” from my “Italian” grandmother, but that takes a little more time than a typical weeknight meal can afford. I do always steal from that recipe and add red wine though.
  • I usually add another small can of crushed tomatoes.

Tuesday: Lentil Soup with Garlic Bread

  • I found peeled and diced organic butternut squash at Costco which made this dish beyond simple. All I had to do was dice up carrots, celery, onion and peel some garlic.
  • I skipped the potatoes since we’d had them the day before and used red lentils instead of green and yellow. I would recommend using 6 cups of stock. I used 8 and it was a little too much.
  • The splash of vinegar that this recipe called for was genius and just what this soup needed. I also added the kale at the end but skipped the oil and parsley.

Wednesday: Lemongrass Pork Burgers with Asian Green Salad

  • We have several pounds of ground pork in our freezer from our ¼ share of pig we got last year and I have had to be very intentional about finding recipes to use it up. You don’t just stumble upon ground pork recipes it seems, or at least I don’t.
  • This was a different and pretty easy way to use some of the meat. Flavorful and with the additions of buns, a pretty hearty meal.
  • I used regular lettuce and no chiles but added cucumber, shredded carrot and avocado to the salad. I tried to pile some of the salad onto the burger too to add some more flavor and moisture instead of ketchup.

Thursday: Crock-Pot Quinoa Chicken Primavera

  • I think I might be addicted to these no-cook crock-pot meals. Until I run out of original ideas that is. If it were chili every time I wouldn’t be quite as excited but there is such variety out there with lasagna, soup, chili, and now this. I will just keep trying until I run out of new ideas.
  • The meal was delicious and there is tons, so I might freeze half for another day which is amazing.
  • I of course put the chicken in whole and shredded it later. The chicken didn’t shred very easily so I would either recommend putting everything in from step one but the quinoa, cooking it on low for 4 hours, adding the quinoa and remaining liquid and cooking it for 3-4 more hours. Or, cooking it with all the liquid at the beginning on high for 4 hours.

Friday: Salmon with Celery Bulgur Salad and Roasted Broccolini

  • My dinner looked nothing like their picture but was a perfectly acceptable meal.
  • I would recommend making the bulgur salad in advance so the flavors have more time to blend. As usual, these sorts of dishes are always better the next day!
  • I skipped the turnip step all together and instead roasted broccolini to have as a side.
  • I salted and put a tiny bit of oil on the salmon and that was all it needed.

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