Week 43: Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Stella 9 month photo collages5.jpg

Who wore it better? 

First of all, I made a cake. A chocolate hazelnut cake to be exact. Most rewarding New Year’s resolution ever! It is one of my all-time favorites and I can’t remember the last time I made it. Problem solved. It was gone in 3 days. Now onto more important topics…mullets. Stella has a mullet and it is most certainly genetic from my side of the family. I had a very nice mullet for quite some time when I was young. Either my parents a) didn’t notice it because they were too busy keeping my brother out of trouble, b) noticed it and thought it was cute, or c) noticed it but didn’t know what to do about it. I’m in the final category. I’ve trimmed Stella’s mullet twice now but it keeps coming back with a vengeance. And it is a bit terrifying to have scissors near a very wiggly toddler’s neck, so it is not my favorite thing to do. Vests and jackets definitely emphasize it as you can imagine but seeing that it is winter in CO those are not usually optional. The front of her hair just refuses to grow. As does the middle of the back of her hair for that matter. So basically the only part that seems to be progressing are her back sideburns. I know the eventual goal is long hair and the in-between time can be a bit awkward but does it have to be this bad? And I’m guessing that I have mom glasses on and think she is way cuter than everyone else does, so I can’t even imagine what you all are seeing. Probably what I see when I look back at pictures of myself at this age. The horror! I can just picture the eye-rolls I will get down the road for documenting such attractive parts of her past. And yes, she has already attempted her first eye-roll. I don’t think she actually knows what it means yet but she must have seen someone (ahem) do it and thought it was worthy of her efforts. Every week I promise myself I will tackle the mullet but so far I haven’t found anything to sedate her well enough to feel safe about using scissors around my wild child. I am hoping that by putting this out there I will be forced to deal with it and that by next week at this time we will be mullet free. Fingers crossed. Meal Plan & Grocery List

Monday: Farro Breakfast Bowl with Sautéed Chard

  • This was a really quick, tasty and satisfying dinner.
  • We did fried eggs instead since I thought the runny yolk would add to the dish and of course left out the tomatoes.
  • I sautéed a bunch of chard with a shallot and added it to the bowl as pictured.

Tuesday: Chicken Picatta with Brown Rice and Green Salad

  • I served this dish with brown rice instead of pasta because I don’t think pasta soaks up sauce as well. I liked it even if it is not traditional.
  • Since I used chicken breast I tried to pound them a bit to thin them out but they still took longer to cook than the recipe said.
  • I found this recipe in the “cooking with kids” section and I don’t think it would be my top choice of recipes to try with a kid. Raw chicken kind of grosses me out and makes me wash my hands so many times with super hot water they feel a bit damaged in the end, but maybe that is just me.

Wednesday: White Bean, Sausage Crock-Pot Ragu with Pasta

  • Loved this! This recipe as well as last week’s buttered chicken come from a piece in the Huffington Post called “10 ‘Dump Recipes’ For Slow Cookers That Make Cooking Stupid Easy” and so far I agree. They have both been very flavorful, healthy, well-rounded and easy meals.
  • I served this over whole wheat spaghetti which Stella still refuses to eat by the way. Loves whole wheat bread but pretty many refuses any other form of wheat or grain. I though kids were supposed to love noodles?

Thursday: Zucchini Chilaquiles

  • Having had chard and kale this week I left out the spinach and replaced it with more onion and zucchini and added a can of pinto beans. There were plenty of veggies!
  • I couldn’t find canned tomatillos so I used tomatillo salsa instead which I am sure had loads more sodium but worked in a pinch.
  • I was worried it would be too spicy so I left out the jalapeno but in the end wish I’d added it. It wasn’t spicy at all.
  • Extra topping and sauce make an excellent breakfast the next day with eggs!

Friday: Potato-Leek Chowder

  • Travis’s aunt sent me this recipe a few weeks back reminding me of my love of leek. Travis did really enjoy the soup but thought the green in the soup was broccoli. Hehe.
  • I really like that this soup has more than just potatoes. The leek, cauliflower and corn let me off the hook for having other veggies with dinner. I also used red potatoes and left the skin on which is of course one less step as well as some extra fiber. Double win.
  • I used frozen corn instead of creamed corn and added some dried thyme. I also used whole milk/half and half instead of skim milk to make it more filling and delicious of course.
  • And more bacon. Always more bacon!

Weekend Bonus Recipe: Crockpot Caramelized Pork Ramen Noodle Soup with Curry Roasted Acorn Squash

  • Holy smokes this was ridiculous. I used to eat ramen as a kid but haven’t gotten into the new ramen craze yet but I’m definitely on board now.
  • I would at least double the chicken stock since it cooks down so much and there isn’t a ton of broth left at the end. We also separated the fat off.
  • I used two packs of normal ramen and two packs of healthy (i.e. not fried and whole grain) and enjoyed the mixture.
  • Apparently two of my recipes this week came from Half Baked Harvest, so I guess I’m a fan now.

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