Week 59: We’re Not 22 Anymore


Forced family fun in Crested Butte

We had a delightful extra long weekend away in Crested Butte for the 4th of July again. It truly is a beautiful spot surrounded by mountains and amazing outdoor activities. We spent 4th of July there last year and as some of you may recall Stella Mabel had an unfortunate run-in with peanut butter (blog post here). Fortunately we were incident free this year in a mountain town that is 40 minutes from the nearest hospital. Big sigh of relief.

I’m not one of those people who thinks that every age my kid is is the absolute best. Some are just crap, I’ll be honest, but I really do love many things about the age that Stella is now. Last year we were stuck in two-naps-a-day world with little time between for any real adventure. This year we could go for longer hikes where Stella could actually hike along with us for a bit and insisted on it as well. We could stay and watch the parade and not leave half-way through, eat meals out and not have to bring our own food for Stella. Life is so much easier and harder all at once. Toddlers, am I right?

Travis and I also attempted a “casual” 4th of July race from the town of Gothic to Crested Butte. The town of Mt. Crested Butte, our high point for the race, is nearly 10,000 feet which is nothing to scoff at. And the race itself was almost 9 miles. The first half was mostly uphill on a nice gradual dirt road, perfect running in my book, but the second half descended over 1,000 feet on a cement bike path. It was a mess. I of course can’t run a “casual” race when it comes down to it. I should know this about myself by now since it is most definitely genetic, but I guess I haven’t learned. So we ran our way down to the finish line and hobbled around town all morning to the pancake breakfast at the fire station and onto the parade through downtown. Travis took one for the team and took Tazzie for two walks that day one of which involved carrying Stella in the backpack and having to give Tazzie her fourth bath in two days. That horse poop is irresistible. My knees ached so much I spent much of the rest of the day on the couch. Suffice it to say after a 4.5 hour car ride home the next day we could barely walk. As we unpacked the car, made dinner, started laundry and menu planned for the week I knew I had to just keep moving. Travis’s helpfulness ended wherever stairs were involved. He just couldn’t do them. It was like his knees wouldn’t bend. I’d like to think that the 22-year old us would have been sore too, since downhill is a bear no matter what, but I guess we’ll never know. Older and wiser though. I think we both checked that run off our bucket list. One and done (i.e. never again)! I’ve got nothing to prove.

We’ve started our CSA so as a general warning there will be LOTS of greens in the forecast, so brace yourselves for that and adapt accordingly! Meal Plan & Grocery List

Monday: 20 Minute Grilled Jerk Chicken Bowl with Mango-Nectarine Salsa

  • Can’t say enough about coconut rice right now. It’s just so tasty! And not that novel, it just took me a while to catch on. It’s a super easy way to make white rice more filling and since it takes half the time of brown rice it is much more feasible.
  • I didn’t see the need to cover up our delicious salsa with butter so we skipped the chile lime butter and added some lime zest to the salsa instead.
  • We went for all of the “extras” the recipe suggested, beans, rice, avocado and cilantro. Super tasty and pretty quick too.

Tuesday: Swiss Chard and Onion Frittata

  • This is very good bang for your buck when you have WAY too many greens to use up. I cooked down all the extra greens we had and used a bunch more eggs than the recipe called for to make sure we didn’t eat a giant hunk of greens for dinner.
  • I mixed in a lot more cheese than the recipe called for and saved a smaller amount for the top instead but it would be delicious either way.

Wednesday: Spicy Southwestern Salad with Avocado Dressing

  • This was a very tasty dish that I hope to remember to make again!
  • I did not peel my sweet potatoes and used a bit more seasoning as well as some salt in my spice mixture.
  • I used thawed frozen corn instead of canned.
  • The dressing was delicious but of course since there is avocado it doesn’t keep particularly well so I didn’t mix the whole salad and instead dressed each of our plates individually. I literally wanted to eat the dressing with a spoon, so I would double it next time.

Thursday: Pasta Salad with Melon, Pancetta and Ricotta Salata

  • It seems to happen more often than not that when I am reading through the recipe to make notes for my blog, I realize I forgot a key ingredient in my own version. In this particular case I forgot the cheese. Oh well. Better luck next time! I’ve never actually found ricotta salata so I buy feta instead.
  • This is one of very few times that I’ve decided I prefer to use white pasta instead of whole wheat. It just tastes better, and since I am all about good food I am happy to forgo the whole grain version for this recipe.
  • I do truly love this salad. It is so summery and delicious even without the cheese.
  • I cook the pancetta in the microwave which makes no mess and is way quicker. It does get very hot, so be sure to leave it for 5 minutes before trying to handle it.

Friday: Tuna Poke Bowls with Brown Rice and Kale

  • We grilled our tuna since I don’t trust my own preparation of raw seafood, but I’d eat something like this if we were out to dinner.
  • Since our kale was very hearty I massaged it with some of the dressing to get it to soften up a bit.
  • This was a very fresh summer meal and as close as I’ll come to home-made sushi (so not close at all).

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