Week 61: Thanks For Trying


Just doing her toddler thing

Toddlers know everything, I swear. They understand what we are saying, copy everything we do, certainly know how to push buttons and can most definitely read a facial expression or two. Stella will do something she knows she’s not supposed to and watch me the whole time to see if/when I flinch and finally give in. Trust me, she gets plenty a rise out of me on a daily basis. Mission accomplished. But with food I’ve learned to pretend I don’t care. And it is hard! She gets what we are eating at meals and either eats it or doesn’t. No second pity meal afterwards anymore. She gets her milk right before bedtime and that’s that. I definitely try to give her a plate with something she will like and since she usually has a fruit, veggie, grain and protein it is almost certainly going to be the fruit that is eaten first. As I sit there shoveling in my own dinner I try oh so very hard not to hold my breath and look at her with anticipation as she pokes at a vegetable. I’ll tell her what it is and continue back with my own dinner. Poker face is hard. But on those rare occasions that she does try a veggie or most other things besides fruit or bread, whether she spits it out or actually eats it she gets the same response, “thanks for trying.” No “good job!” or “yay!”, just a sweetly chirped “thanks for trying.” I think I might have gotten a bit more excited a few weeks ago when she gobbled down half of her friends egg, a food she hasn’t even touch to her lips on over a year! But generally I keep my cool. Stella has recently tried beets which she likes despite herself, lettuce which I am still not sure how that happened, and some dehydrated broccoli and okra. Progress. And as always, thanks for trying. Meal Plan & Grocery List

Monday: Penne with Ricotta, Peas and Veggies

  • I like to do a pasta dish each week as my big veggie dump. All the extra veggies we have leftover from our weekly CSA go into a dish like this or a stir-fry. I used zucchini, yellow squash, beet greens and frozen peas.
  • With all that ricotta and Parmesan how could it not be delicious!

Tuesday: Black and Blue Salad

  • Travis grilled our bread and meat instead of using the oven and stove.
  • I also chickened out on the blue cheese and used feta instead and dumped in some radish, cucumber and other random veggies we had on hand.

Wednesday: Spicy Brazilian Burrito Bowls

  • I came home from an afternoon at the park and was completely famished so this could have tasted like cardboard and I still would have devoured it, but given that I still enjoyed it for lunch the next day I think it was legitimately a good dish.
  • I really wish I’d gotten plantain but they were out the day I was at the store. They of course had them this week, but oh well.
  • I cooked brown rice with tomato paste but left the salsa out as I prefer to garnish the heck out of my burrito bowls with it instead.
  • The slaw was a huge success. I loved the dressing! This was the make it or break it part of the dish for me. Rice and beans, meh, but the slaw was so good and there was plenty of dressing.
  • Topped with avocado, cilantro and salsa this was a tasty little feast.

Thursday: Cod with Swiss Chard, Olives and Lemon with Farro

  • When I first looked at this recipe I planned on skipping the lemon step, but since it wasn’t much work and could cook while I did other things I gave it a try. It was a very unique addition to the dish and I’m glad I tried it.
  • I did not bother with whole cumin or coriander seeds and just sprinkled the fish with the ground version instead.
  • I still can’t tell you the difference between black cod and the cod I used, but it looks similar to the picture and tasted great.
  • I love olives so this dish is totally up my alley, but I can understand if others turn their nose up at it. To each their own!

Friday: Roasted Eggplant, Zucchini and Pork Bowls with Quinoa

  • I made this recipe as is but added the sauce to the pot instead of serving it ontop.
  • I added more veggies so it felt like there was a little bit of meat and a huge heap of vegetables. Pretty darn perfect in my book.

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