Week 63: Family of Four


Our soon-to-be family of four (plus Taz) on our favorite mode of transport. Some people call it a divorce maker, but this nutty family loves it.

Well, it has been a busy and eventful couple of weeks here in the Titus-Pane household! Stella turned 2, she can now eat cashews (yay!), she started pre-school two half-days a week, she has been sick almost continuously (please tell me this will end), and we’ve been keeping a very awesome secret…I’m pregnant! This should explain all the weeks of my absence and the super weird food that has come to you in the last few months. Crockpot meatballs in August? Yup. Baby wants, what the baby wants. The baby is a boy and seems to be a carb monster which is fine and good with me aside from the fact that we have been getting SO many veggies from our CSA it’s been hard to keep up. I think we’ve finally caught up, but not wanting veggies is a strange phenomenon for me. There was a week where I pretty much ate ramen and jolly ranchers which could not be further from my everyday lifestyle. In a slightly healthier twist, I have eaten less ice cream in the last two months than ever in my life. A complaint has officially been filed by Travis for my complete inability to stock good ice cream flavors, and again I blame it on the baby.

The reality is that a second pregnancy, or any subsequent one I guess, is not quite as fun, exciting, or cute as the first. The fatigue doesn’t really seem to go away because you are keeping up with a toddler! The toddler in this household doesn’t nap for all that long so by the time I get in a little nap or just sit down her nap is over. I don’t think I’ve gotten a single thing done in the last two months besides grocery shopping and making dinner. Total accomplishments, but there are a few more things in life that need doing before March. So, the blog and I are going to take a bit of a break. It may be a long one given that March isn’t going to look any better, but just know that I’m always cooking and trying new recipes so if you ever need any inspiration just drop me a line. My cooking should be getting more seasonal too now that fall is approaching. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of having this blog and having you all read it and comment on it. I loved having something every week that was mine alone and gave me focus during Stella’s naps. It also inspired me to try new things, find new cooking blogs, and always get dinner on the table regardless of what life was dishing up that week. I may do some quick posts here and there if I find a recipe that needs to be shared, but for now know that I am spending my free time painting Stella’s new room and reading up on what to do with a toddler when a new baby comes along. Yikes!! Meal Plan & Grocery List

Monday: Zucchini Mac and Cheese

  • Stella, who doesn’t really care of noodles yet or mac and cheese, did eat a few bits of this which of course means I’ll be making it again.
  • I skipped the recipe’s bagel chips and just made the mac and cheese.
  • I loved that this was a one-pot dish. Super simple, though it does require some babysitting.
  • I did add more water and in hindsight might have used half milk, half water instead since it ended up being about 1 cup extra. It didn’t taste watery, but I could always go for creamier mac and cheese. I also ended up covering it for part of the time to keep the moisture in.

Tuesday: Grilled Halibut Salad Nicoise

  • We’ve been getting green beans and potatoes from our CSA so this seemed like the perfect time to do a salad nicoise. Any fish would work, tuna is a more classic take, but halibut worked just fine too.
  • I used my everyday Dijon vinaigrette dressing instead of making something very close but a little different. A splash of orange juice would be a fine addition I am sure.
  • I love mine with lots of olives while Travis prefers to forgo the olives and eat tomatoes instead. This salad is perfect for picking and choosing though since I’m the one cooking hard boiled eggs don’t even come into the discussion.

Wednesday: Potato Leek Soup with Green Salad

  • I’m sure I already have a potato leek soup recipe but I couldn’t find it. This one worked in a pinch and was really simple.
  • I used dried thyme instead since I was too lazy to take off all the tiny leaves, but I kept the quantity pretty similar since ½ tsp dried seem a little scant for such a large pot of soup.
  • I went a little over on the potatoes and leek so I ended up being able to freeze a large container for dinner another night which was amazing and perfect.

Thursday: Chicken Tacos with Mango-Avocado Salsa and Grilled Corn

  • Travis grilled the chicken instead.
  • I failed to remember tortillas for this meal so I ended up doing a quick beans and rice type thing to serve the chicken and salsa over.

Friday: Quinoa Bowls with Avocado and Egg

  • This is a great kitchen sink type of meal. I added a lot of other veggies to the quinoa and with the simple dressing, everything worked together well.
  • I also added some feta cheese and herbs we had in our garden.

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